Telling History Project and the "Baltimore Thugs"

Having participated in programs run by Generation Human Rights back in high school, the organization played an integral role in shaping my passions.  As a sophomore in college, I decided I’d like to share powerful the experience of GenHR through the Telling History Project.  With a student group we began the Telling History Project at Johns Hopkins University and began working with local high schools in Baltimore.

Check out our Letter from 'Baltimore Thugs' and Letter from the Next Generation

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There are No Children in Iraq

It was 2003; the second war in Iraq had begun and the airwaves were filled with gruesome details of war and battles. Sitting in a classroom chair, with second graders grouped cross-legged about me, I asked:

“What country have you been hearing about in the news?”

“Boston!” several shouted. I explained that Boston was in fact not a country, but a city, continuing:

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