Engaging, Educating, and Mobilizing Girls for Social Change

Women around the globe are uniting to create change on fundamental social justice issues, such as gender and racial equality, environmental integrity and government accountability. Girls too have an increasingly visible and important role in these efforts. Here in the United States, more and more girls are joining their mothers in voting lines, rallies and marches. They are engaging through social media, school clubs, writing poetry, performing protest theatre and using other creative outlets. These girl activists bring new perspective and give voice to issues facing their generation. Their involvement is critical to the sustainability of social justice organizing.


We strive to harness the growing momentum of girls engaging in social change efforts. This is particularly important at this unprecedented point in time, as democracy and fundamental human rights principles are under attack across the globe. As educators and human rights activists we have a unique opportunity to engage, empower and unite girls so their efforts can have even greater impact.


Through this project we will expand girls’ role in social change movements by guiding them through a process of deeper learning on complex human rights issues and launching their newly acquired skills through service learning projects.