Materials for Instructor

Connecting the Concepts Map


This lesson will begin with our map, Connecting the Concepts. The map will guide students to see the connection between the MDGs, MVP and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

After the class has gone over the map, end with the following discussion activity:

Discussion Activity (Approximately 15 minutes)

Step One

Start by dividing students into groups of three. Ask the groups to imagine that they are leaders of their school, town, or city. Ask the groups to choose a community to represent. Now ask the groups to decide on two human rights-based goals they would like to achieve for their constituents (members of their school, town, or city.)

Step Two

Tell the groups that you want them to think about and discuss what changes they would like to see in their chosen community and why. Ask them to take notes.

Step Three

Ask the groups to decide on two goals they think are necessary to achieve these changes. Have them write down these goals and discuss the impact and importance of each one. As they do so, ask them to also write down the articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that their goals support.

 Step Four

Have each group share their goals with the class, including which UDHR articles their goals support along with their reasons for creating them.