Facilitate this activity after your students have visited the MVP Bus exhibit. It can be the day of the exhibit visit or at the following class.

Step 1

Ask students to close their eyes and travel in their mind back to the MVP bus. Guide students to remember their experience with questions like:

What was your first thought when you saw the outside of the bus? Did you see photos or video outside the bus? What were you expecting when you entered the bus? What are the strongest images that come to your mind now when you think about the exhibit? What really stood out to you and left an impression? What was it like to take part in the magnet activity on the outside of the bus?


Step 2

Have students take out their MVP Journals and jot down a few notes about what they remembered most about the exhibit. Ask for volunteers to share their most powerful memories.

Step 3

Turn and talk: Ask students to sit with a partner. Let students know they will have ten minutes with their partner to discuss and answer questions about their experiences. Ask them to write down their responses.


Step 4

Project these questions on the board and start the 10-minute timer.

Teacher Note: Feel free to add questions of your own.

●      What was the “Big Idea” presented by the exhibit?

●      How was the exhibit presented? Do you think the objects and images were arranged by the way they look?

●      Were the items in the exhibit arranged to tell a story? If so, what was the story?

●      What do you think was the most surprising thing about the exhibit?

●      What is something new that you learned in the exhibit?

●      What is something new that you want to know more about and would research on your own?

●      Did you learn something new about yourself?


Step 5

Ask the student partners to share their responses. Chart responses and discuss them.