OUr Team

HEARD! brings together seasoned nonprofit leaders Elana Haviv, Founder and Executive Director of Generation Human Rights; Julie Winokur, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Talking Eyes Media and faculty member at Rutgers University-Newark; Sandy Campbell, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Council of International Relations; and Cosby Hunt, Senior Officer of Teaching & Learning at the Center for Inspired Teaching, where he co-founded the Building Literacy in Social Studies (BLISS) and Real World History programs. Television producer and documentarian Kate Chumley joins the team to assist with the design and implementation of the media studies and media production components of the curriculum. Topher Kandik, 2016 Teacher of the Year at Seed School in Washington DC, and David Morales, 2016 Teacher of the Year at Mayfield High School in Las Cruces, NM, will spearhead the HEARD! pilot in their classrooms. Sean Perkins, CEO of Mobility Labs, Inc. will lead the design and construction of the web-platform that will become the online home of the pilot program and future iterations of the curriculum.

Evaluation and Monitoring

 We will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the HEARD! curriculum for the duration of the pilot, with the help of independent evaluator Jordan Nowotny, Ph.D. In addition to providing on-the-ground feedback, Dr. Nowotny will design evaluation tools that gauge student engagement and outcomes by tracking specific skills, behaviors and changes in viewpoints before, during and after the program. This information will be shared with school Administrators and classroom teachers and used as the basis of the build-out of the next phase of the project, a ten-week curriculum in six rural and urban schools.