The Telling History Platform

The Telling History Platform (THP) connects youth around the world through social justice storytelling and brings human rights discussions to the forefront of everyday conversations.  This digital multi-media platform will provide youth around the world the opportunity to share their personal stories as they experience first-hand our world's most highlighted current events. The Telling History Platform is a multifaceted tool that will challenge students to use critical thinking skills to assess issues in their community with both a local and global lens. THP enables youth to connect visually to their peers in areas under distress, to hear stories across cultural divides, and take action to promote human rights.  

All topics will be accompanied with multimedia and high school lesson plans that enable youth educators to bring the topics directly to their students. Initial stories will cover the European refugee crisis, and the crisis on our US borders. We will spotlight youth refugees who have made the journeys to Europe, and over Southern borders into the US. We will include the stories of citizen youth human rights defenders who have stepped up to welcome their peers and fight for their rights.

THP is a powerful tool for youth to learn empathy and find common ground with people of different experiences, cultures, races, religions and lifestyles. It fosters engaged citizens who possess a sense of social responsibility and the skills to better understand and address the complexities of our globalized world and find solutions for peace and understanding across borders.


Telling History Platform Unit One: Refugee Crisis in Europe and on the US Southern Border

This century's greatest refugee crisis is the migration facing Europe and on the southern borders of the United States. Our first unit will be created together with the  Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization (RFKennedy Human Rights). This unit will present stories and curriculum which have the potential to transform current cultural narratives and prevailing prejudice and stereotypes against the refugee population in the US and abroad. 

The Telling History Platform will enable youth refugees, and youth who have been historically silenced, to be seen and heard, and support students to make not only a tangible connection to the crisis but also reflect on the commonalities they share with their peers. Our platform will highlight youth human rights defenders in the US and abroad who have stepped up to be a voice for their peers making these journeys. All youth stories will be accompanied with lesson plans and multimedia that provide larger historical context of the crisis as well as the necessary tools to become a human rights defender.

Through GenHR's and RFKennedy Human Rights's education networks we have the ability for THP to reach over a million students in the US, and over five million students internationally.