The Telling History Platform

The Telling History Platform connects youth around the world through social justice storytelling and brings human rights discussions to the forefront of everyday conversations.  

As the US political climate intensifies, exacerbated by the global refugee and immigration crisis with political and xenophobic rhetoric rising to a new high, educators in classrooms in the US and around the world witness how quickly these prejudices and stereotypes against 'otherness' influence students. Generation Human Rights (GenHR) which empowers youth locally and globally to end human rights abuses through our educational materials and programs is partnering with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights (RFKennedy Human Rights) to create a digital platform, the Telling History Platform, that will reach over one million students in the US and over five million students internationally. 

Our partners and supporters understand how education yields knowledge that encourages change, and are committed to end human rights abuses around the world. Currently we are witness to a growing global consciousness that recognizes our collective, spontaneous action around a common goal can affect massive change. The movements themselves and how they are transforming deep rooted ideologies and politics is very complex and happening quickly. The younger generations, for the first time in history, are playing a huge role in these changes. We have designed the Telling History Platform (THP) to support educators as they bring these difficult and multilayered topics into the classroom to enable youth to have the information they need to step into the role of change makers.

The Telling History Platform is a powerful and creative tool that will empower educators and youth to become agents of change who challenge the status quo and delve into storytelling that transforms prejudices and rhetoric. THP will be an exciting and informative medium to educate, learn and disseminate current historical events affecting our global communities. .


Our Team


Generation Human Rights empowers and engages youth locally and globally to chart a world free from human rights abuse and genocide through the development of multidisciplinary curricula and custom education programs.

Founded to equip children and youth with the tools to creatively shape and adapt to a rapidly changing world, Generation Human Rights (formerly known as the Children's Movement for Creative Education) has been delivering its mission since its inceptions in 1998.  More than two decades of classroom experience have led us to focus on critical gaps in human rights education today. In an increasingly global and connected world, we believe in the importance of fostering cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.  Human rights education is our main focus.  We hope that you will be as excited as we are to empower a new generation of engaged and inspired global citizens.



It’s great to see young people get involved in important issues, raising awareness
and spreading a message of peace that inspires others… I commend
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